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The word “#!SCaV3NG3R” was the "tripcode" originally used by the movement’s founding figure in some backwater internet image board known only as "/x/". People who followed him in retracing the steps of “creepypastas” eventually took to calling themselves “scavengers” (or “scavs” for short) and started contributing their own findings online. The “legit” ones would be endlessly re-posted, resulting in that many more thrill-seekers joining the fad and, in turn, creating many new “creepypastas”. While /x/ itself would eventually fall into grave disrepair, other specialized forums and blogs started popping up everywhere, manuals were written, comics were drawn, infographics were charted and just like that in the space of a few years a whole new subculture had been born. 

It was all fun and games at first. For many it still is. But many “oldfriends” have been trying to organize into something more coherent. Scavengers are in the unique position to know exactly what each and every other organization represents for the Shadowside; they don’t gel with the medieval dogma of Malleus, the gang zealotry of Fujin’s Blood, or the brutality of Somosa. They don’t buy into Thelema’s claims of a New World Order, and see right through the fascist P.R. bullshit of Accelletrix. As for Big Sis, they consider their ideals noble at best, but so naïve. They know the Shadowside (a term they coined) holds the key to more than just freedom in this life or salvation in the next. 

But no one listens.

It would be a mistake to underestimate SCaV3NG3R simply because they lack the money of Thelema, the hardware of Accelletrix, the numbers of Big Sis, the relics of Malleus or a vendetta to run them ragged like Somosa or Fujin’s. SCaV3NG3R is an internet consciousness lead by all but ruled by none, powered from a million connected points of light and impervious to corruption. They are the bane of Accelletrix -and of any other group who gets too big for its britches. They are the smartasses, the irreverent, unpredictable hivemind, the infinite-headed hydra of the Information Age, living Chaos Theory and humanity's youth bravely facing its final days in a much harsher, darker world. 

They are also a bunch of nerds.

Expect “newfriends”. Expect no better headquarters than cybercafés or comic book shops and basements. Expect people “doing it for the lulz”. Expect offers to flood the enemies with pizzas, or “dox” them. Expect brotherhood. Expect loyalty and lifelong friendships, and a cause greater than any you could find in a cubicle. They are the ultimate Joker card; the last representatives of an honest humanity in all of its raw beauty, ugliness, confidence and uncertainty.

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