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Everyone who plays Enter The Shadowside is welcome to improve this wiki. 

Over the coming weeks we'll be adding material directly from the book, which we hope will serve as a starting point for you to launch from. 

  • Wait, anyone can edit anything?

Pretty much.

  • What if someone adds things that are simply wrong? How do you even control what is and isn't canon?

I expect most of the changes to be benefitial or at least well-intentioned. Call me naive, but I think disagreements will represent a very very tiny percentage of the work done in this wiki. My intention is to work with contributors until we both like whatever it is being contributed -we have the "Talk" tab precisely for that purpose. Again: I expect that 99% of the times this will be the way forward, but for the other 1% of the times I simply reserve the right to revert the changes.

  • Who decides what is and isn't canon? Who has final say?

We have Writers for every main organization of the Modern Days setting, and then there's Forge. Also, we're not starting from scratch. Everything that has been published, Core Book and Supplements, is canon and we'll respect it as such. We can build from it, and we'll avoid retcon like the plague.

  • Do you realize that if all the information about EtS exists here in Wiki form people will no longer need to actually spend money to buy the books?

We do realize that. We think people will buy the books anyway just because they're cool like that, but even if they don't our main objective is not to sell books. Yes, we care a lot about selling books, don't get us wrong -is just that we care even more to get as many people playing EtS as possible; both the books and the wiki are means to an end.

  • Does this mean it's okay to throw the PDF into rapidshare and post it around?

No, it just means it's okay to copy-paste from the book into the wiki. At a price of 10 bucks we don't think it's crazy unreasonable to ask people to just buy the thing. If, however, you're in a rough spot at the moment and can't spare a ten, email to get a comp copy. Much better than rapidshare.

  • Okay, how do I contribute?

Click on the "Create a new article" link in the "Get Involved!" section, at the bottom of the left side bar. You can also edit any article by clicking on the "Edit" tab at the top of any article. The editor should be very easy to use -if you've ever used MS Word you'll be on your way. You can upload images, too! Finally, remember to leave a brief note in the "Revision log message" section to describe the gist of the changes you're making -this will be useful when people go over the Revisions tab of the article. Feel free to use the Talk tab to discuss changes with other contributors. 

  • How do I link to other articles in the wiki?

Simply use double square brackets around the words that should be turned into links going to an article. For example, if you type [ [ Shadowside ] ]  (without the spaces, of course) it will render as a link: Shadowside. Sometimes you want to link to a page using text other than the page's title, for example in the sentence "Malleus prefers the name Limbo." You still want to link to the Shadowside page, but you want to use the text "Limbo" for it. What you do is put a pipe, like this: [ [ Shadowside|Limbo ] ] (again, remove the spaces). Finally, because of bugs, links can't have aposthrophes nor symbols in them -only letters and numbers. For example, to link to "Fujin's Blood" (which has an aposthrophe) you'd use [ [ Fujins-Blood|Fujin's Blood ] ]. I know, it kinda sucks. But links like these are in the minority, at least. 

  • Any other guidelines?

To avoid duplication, try to search for articles first before creating new ones. Always hit "Preview" before saving the page -this will help you make sure everything looks kosher (and it's also a good time to verify all your links are working). In general try to stick to the same tone of the core book: factual, to the point, maybe a little opinionated. Keep in mind the reason every single article has for its existence: to be helpful as a reference for people who'd rather spend their time playing. Finally: remember that your contributions to the wiki are just that: contributions. Gifts. Nobody will owe you anything for them -not money, not intellectual ownership, not copyrights, nothing. You're doing this purely out of altruism to help EtS grow! If you don't feel like giving away your work -in every sense- please do not contribute! That said, have fun and let's build ourselves an awesome library for our game!

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