You can now Play By Post at

Long time no news, but here we are again:

You can now play-by-post right here, at

The setup is not very complicated:

Step 1: Register your account. It's obviously free:



Step 2: Head over to the Play By Post section and find a game you'd like to join. Not that we have a whole ton of them right now (we've just started, after all!) but the capabilities are there to find games in a bunch of different ways: by act, by post frequency, by setting, etc. Contact the StoryHost to get started.



Step 3: It's time to make a character! You'll find the link in the sidebar. You can upload your own portraits, and have access to every field in the regular World Turtle that comes with the Core Book:



Step 4: It's time to play. Simply jump in on the game thread and start roleplaying.  Each post can launch the Jacob's Ladder (an interactive version that lets you draw lines) in case you need to rule on things. You have dice of course, and clicking on character portraits shows you their sheet. You can edit Body, Soul and Belief points too, just by clicking on them. Etc etc.



Here's a wiki article that goes slightly more in-depth: EtS Play By Post 101. You can also see the game we started the site with, carrying over from reddit.

Feel free to start your own games! Be an SH! Invite your friends!

Where do we go from here? Well, hopefully the PbP will take off and become a fun EtS thing to do. We also have some Tarot cards in the pipeline, and the next sourcebook, Somosa.

Stay tuned! Very soon we'll launch the wiki and we'll need all the help we can get!

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