Troll In The Corner Podcast and 1st Bundle

Since literally day 1, Troll In The Corner has been supportive of us, and his karma account (not the reddit kind, but the real, mystical, you-get-what-you-give kind) must be piled sky-high.

I was honored to be a guest in his new podcast show, Indie Talks. If you have some time to kill, I invite you to listen to me ramble for a while.

When the interview was over, my head was buzzing over so many things left unsaid -we just didn't have time! Time literally flew by, and everything we covered felt interesting -particularly the part about sandbox-style gaming.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! And to celebrate the ocassion, we have launched the first bundle in DTRPG: all sourcebooks are 25% off, and the core book is 30% off. Grab it here

Thanks for everyone who has supported us into making this project a reality. The subreddit keeps growing, and soon we'll have new goodies thanks to that, such as the Tarot cards or the anthology book. I feel awesome.

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