The drums are pounding

I can hear them. Can you? The rhythmic beating? The pounding of an endless abyss below? Can't hear them yet? Don't worry, you will.

Our main progenitor has focused on a new version of Shadowside. Due to that, I have descended to post news updates and blog on a regular basis.

First big news! The spanking brand new Destiny system for Enter the Shadowside is nearing completion. Fableforge is working away on it night and day. Creating a refined version of the game material and a new ruleset to play it with. Allowing us to push even closer to a clean way of Seeing. We hope to finish by the end of April.

Second big news! A lineup of products is emerging behind the main book. We have the Tarot cards on standby, a complete set of expanded organization books not only extending the three already released with nearly twice the material but filling out the rest of the groups. Each with their own book. We also have several products to get people into the game, but we'll leave those a mystery until we approach release.

The drums beat in anticipation.

The Tian Shi and Adversaries will get their own book, as well as a slew of new information regarding how to handle the end of the world. The book is tentatively titled "Endgame" right now. It'll cover everything needed for an Act III story and even advice on how to use Acts I and II to foreshadow the apocalypse.

Last big news! Our first play by post "The Red Wolf Saga" has ended, and our second "Breaking of the Pillars" is slowly coming towards it's end. Both of these stories will be converted into novel format and made available as ebooks later this year.

About the drumbeat, I swear I'm not The Master.

Well I'm off to get work done. Hopefully we'll have a lot more surprises for you soon. Love and peace.

S L Koch

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