Press Release 05-07-12

Power Through Decadence: The Greater Thelema Society Supplement

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Korea, May 7th – FableForge, an indie organization, released its first sourcebook for the Enter the Shadowside system. Power Through Decadence: The Greater Thelema Society is an in-depth look at one of the more secretive of the seven organizations that play a primary role in this supernatural-driven world.

FableForge uses an “open canon” concept in order to flesh out the setting of the game. Anyone is welcome to write for the system,  submit their work for approval and sell it with full royalties. Collaboration takes place at their community boards at

It is from this open canon that the Greater Thelema Society was given life and blood. GTS was designed around the mythos created by Aleister Crowley and the evolution of the Hellfire Club. They are a shadow cult built from society’s most prominent figures; the elite of the elite, claiming their power by birthright, wealth, or both. They have always had power, they have always been a step ahead of the rest, and now the Shadowside has granted them even more.

What if the conspiracy theories were true? What if there truly was a Man Behind the Curtain -what if there were hundreds? They play a cosmic game of chess where the common folk are less than pawns. They buy, sell, and trade in supernatural power and always come out on top.

Power Through Decadence offers many things for both players and StoryHosts: a full look at the history of the Greater Thelema Society, the current status and goals of the organization, and a general place to start for any new GTS character, as well as some suggestions on where to go from there. And of course, what would any organization book be without a whole new list of Paranormal Skills and Progression available to GTS members?

Three short stories are included with the book as well as one long multi-part story detailing the actions and events of an archetypical GTS associate. Each story has been written and designed to give the reader a taste of the adventures that await the powerful members of the Society.

Enter The Shadowside - Greater Thelema Society can be found on DriveThruRPG and purchased for $1.99. 

 Do as thou will.

You were born into excess, or even better you proved yourself into it. For some reason, whether your blood or your cunning, you have made it in the world. Welcome to the elite, those that make the rules but don’t play by them. You have the riches, you have the success, but still you feel like you’re missing something. You’re good enough that you’ve seen how things maneuver -that there is some unseen hand moving the pieces around the board. Then, one day, you are at an upscale soiree where you meet a peer and discuss your ideas only to have him ask if you would like to shake that hand.

You arrive at a mansion and are directed to the basement. The wine cabinet opens to reveal a secret room of gothic architecture. The room is lit by torchlight and it smells of mint and ink from some strange incense hanging from the ceiling. In the center of the room stand 6 people; you can’t see their faces. Each wears an apocalypse cloak with a weird six-pointed star  symbol painted in the center. Behind them is an altar inside a similar star and circle, carved into the tile. One of them wears a dagger around his neck. The same dagger that will soon pierce your heart.

Contact: Bryan Gerding

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