Major Core Book Update

Well, with this update, the core book goes from 75 to 88 pages:

  • Each organization has gone from 4 to 6 skills, and from one character artwork to two.
  • The character sheet is now double-sided (it has room for portraits!)
  • We have added a lot of content throughout the entire book, mostly answering questions some of you posted to the subreddit, such as what do Hierogamy spirits look like, how do ghosts devolve over time, or how to create a character's Life Story, but also amazing new art from Adam Isailovic.
  • Importantly, you will notice we went from a 3-column layout to a 2-column layout, and from the Arial font to Book Antiqua. Although these cosmetic changes may seem superficial, believe me they do make a big difference in readability.

Most of all, I want to thank the reviewers for "Worlds in a Handful of Dice" "Roleplayer's Chronicle", "Diehard GameFAN" and the fantastic podcast of "2 GMs, 1 Mic" for your insightful comments. Ever since the first review came out, I've been working non-stop to address each and every single one of the shortcomings noticed. About 10% of them (such as the nature of the in-character Scavenger "blog posts" noted by Roleplayer's Chronicle), I've decided to live with, while the rest, the vast majority (such as the column layout and font noticed by Worlds in a Handful of Dice, or the need for more StoryHost materials noticed by Diehard GameFAN), I have tried hard to correct. We also have Mr. Smug from our subreddit community to thank for the wonderful idea about "fluffing" the Paranormal Skills, modifying the Character Sheet and adding more details to Hierogamy, among other suggestions.

I also wish to point your attention to the "Share-A-Game" thread in the venerable RPG Geek -a lot of in-depth commentary about the game was posted there.

Truth is, this project is the result of a lot of people putting their best efforts together. The first source book, Greater Thelema Society: Power Through Decadence, was published last week, and the second source book, SCaV3NG3R: Spitting at the Sky, will be published next week.

The next update will happen in about a month, and, so far, I don't expect it to have much more than minor corrections.

Thank you all for your support, I am greatly encouraged to hear from so many people that our work is being enjoyed. This is turning into an amazing learning experience.


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