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Now for this game I have something a little different in mind. Instead of having a long term game broken up into several acts, I plan to tell a story spanning a larger stretch of time by breaking it up into smaller games.

The idea is each game will cover a major event, and after a game has concluded there will be an epilogue to show the players the results of their actions. Then the next game will pick up some time later, the players will get to say what their character has been doing in the meantime and possible make another character.

Because of the way the game is set up, the character people play might be a little weird, and that's fine. Go nuts! Use this section to discuss character ideas. After I have an idea of what people are playing, then I'll figure out exactly where and when the game will take place. Have fun!






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So I'm building an Arya Stark character. She is a tomboy who survived the murder of her family and sided with a rebellion. I'm moving it a little bit past that. She's established herself as a Noble after having killed some of the people responsible. She's a 17 year old who has seen four years of bloodshed, betrayal, and done some pretty dark things to survive.

She's being groomed by Thelema or whatever exists similar to it, due to her ferocity of not letting her name die despite losing her castle, family, and land. Other organizations aren't sure what to do with her, some people want to kill her and others want to steal her just to cock block Thelema.

Her body contains a number of various scars as she's survived attempts at beheadings, stabbings, and a poisoning. She has gathered a rumor that she must practice dark occult rituals due to her immortality. The truth is she's got a stubborn willpower and the stories of the scars are exaggerated, as enemies have caused light flesh wounds but messy looking ones that were never lethal. One nearly fatal time, however, she had to hold her guts in with one hand as she walked across the village to the Doctor, trailing blood behind her.

As for herself and her own goals, she simply wants to continue on what her father was doing as a stern but kind Lord of a province. She has, through bloodshed and allies, carved her name as a Lord. Though officials recognize her as a man for all intents and purposes of culture due to accomplishments, many secretly and some openly ridicule and provoke her for her sex.

But she is no fragile woman. She is a tested warrior and tactician who has enough of the right friends in several Robin Hood type characters that she's survived what's already come to kill her. She has contacts into a large network of thieves and bandits which has speculated rumors with no proof. The commoners call her "The Cockroach" in foreign tongues because of her survival rate. It seems most of her enemies have stopped trying to kill her and simply have appeased or contained her somewhere in which she no longer poses a threat to them. And as long as she has her little place to live, she's happy not to disrupt their empires. The other Lords of the land treat her like an inmate that's been confined to her tiny plot of land. As a Lord with land, she has not made a move to marry or have children. This also has pleased her enemies as they see her no longer as a woman to kill but simply something to outlast as if she never breeds they hope she'll die naturally and no longer be a problem.

She's not the strongest or fastest, she doesn't actually know occult (yet), she's smarter than most people at that time having had proper education as a young Lady, she doesn't have much social pull in anything but the underworld and then only as a sort of hero's champion who resists the control of empires, she has barely enough wealth to survive.

If one word suited her, it would be indomitable.

How's that for a character?

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She calls herself Sister Eligia, although that is not the name she was born under.

While her peers were content to a life of subservience, her defiant will balked at the idea of being anything less than equal. She is as witty, if not more, than any man, and a skilled learner. Her strong heart and mind had her quickly labeled as defiant and troublesome, a cloak she both resented and wore with pride. As she grew from child to young maiden she and her father often crossed words, to the point that daily insults were traded like dagger strikes. Being wed away to a spineless swine of a man was the final insult. She and several like-minded peers fled their homeland to form a monastic order of scholars far from the clutches of civilization.

They call themselves the Sisters of the Earth, but the locals are more inclined to call them "the Ironbound women of the wood". The nickname comes from the cast iron cuffs they constantly wear, supposedly to represent how they are "bound forever to the hand of God". Unknown to all but the sisters themselves, each cuff has a clever unlocking mechanism designed by Eligia herself. She still wears an early prototype around her left ankle, the mechanism for which broke on the third demonstration and is now a true permanent fixture.

She has one son, the product of her brief marriage, although to his knowledge he is an orphan abandoned at their doorstep. She intends to keep it that way, as much as it breaks her heart. Trying to eke out a living on the border of civilization requires a firm and steady hand. Although ideally the order is meant to be self-sufficient, the Sisters still trade with the locals. It's only a matter of time before the tax-man discovers he's been missing their commune for the past five years.

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Everything looks great! I'm just finishing up the planning now and the new game should be ready some time tomorrow! Good luck!

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