X'al'naa'thuthuthu "Audrey"


"Audrey" was picked by the Adelson family to guide their newborn son on his journey. In their communication, "Audrey" was picked for her power and knowledge, as a long time correspondent of the Thelema Wardens. But she had decieved them about her real identity.

A young queen insect spirit, Audrey set out to find a human host to bring a new age of Insect domination over humans. When she joined with the young child, though, and saw what humanity felt like, it changed her plans.

A small part of Preston slowly became insect like, but a small part of Audrey became human.

While her long term goals are still to revive Insects as a dominant species, she has grown into a loving symbiotic relationship with her human half. She has experienced the first 10 years of childhood as a human. They are like one person now, so intertwined.

She is still, after all, a bug. And so she whispers dark secrets into Preston's ears and he helps her carry out the insect agenda.

Greater Thelema Society
Manipulation 2 Servitor 3 Insectum Tongue 1 Herra's Mirror 2 Astral Projection 2 Projection of Mind 2
Status Notes: 
Minor alterations.

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