Cheryl Sosnowski has been to every Woodstock Festival, barely an infant the first time around. She grew up a Hippie with Hippie parents. She was renamed "Sunshine" on her eleventh birthday. Cheryl would have lived her life out as a pot smoking, casual going, Tie-dye wearing, tree hugging slacker until God spoke to her.

After a truly mind bending out of body experience involving Shrooms, LSD, too many bong rips, and Pink Floyd's Ummagumma (on vinyl no less) she was brought before the Archangel Raguel. He imparted a shadow of himself into her, a minor incarnation of an Archangel.

God had chosen her to return to Earth and help Jesus bring his message of love. Jesus was all about hugs and high fives. But Raguel, a remnant of the old testament, still had to hold up God's wrath. Quickly, Raguel used her to contact Malleus for help with his work.

Raguel appears as a knight, much as the Templar Knights, white with red crosses and bearing a sword. Sunshine has begun to suspect there's no body or flesh beneath the armor. The Archangel is simply a suit of armor with sword and shield, and occasionally wings.

Through the 80s and 90s Sunshine became a terror that Malleus wielded to cull heretics. She was not extremely skilled at war or direct confrontation. But through Raguel's training she excelled at Exorcism and Execution. It's rumored that Sunshine had banished over one hundred demons through exorcism, and that she's murdered nearly one hundred and fifty individuals the Church needed removed.

For Sunshine, she's a tool doing the Lord's work. Killing a person or banishing a demon is no sweat. She doesn't flinch. But before she can get to work, she is very thorough in investigation. Raguel can taste and smell sin. Sunshine verifies with her angel if the target is guilty of sin, if the target is truly a heretic. She's passed on many executions and has spared a lot of people, all decisions are made by Raguel. If he won't let them kill, they don't. If he insists they must, then Sunshine kills.

When 9/11 occurred, Malleus started a witch hunt across the world. Sunshine decided to retire, removing herself to a commune where she lives like a Hippie again and teaches other hippies the Word of God.

It's the 2010s and Sunshine's retirement has made her restless. Every year or so Malleus has a special job that only she can handle, and every year or so Sunshine dusts off her gun and her bible and gets back to the dirty work.

Malleus Diaboli
Normal Skills- Exorcism: 2 Holy Skills- None, that's the work of God coming through her.
Various clothing, Volkswagen Type 2 Minibus, Consecrated Mateba Model 6 Unica with "enough" Blessed .454 Casull rounds, handful of disposable pistols with Blessed bullets, stack of Bibles, Exorcism kit, Bong, assorted hash pipes, Gonzo Suitcase full of various drugs, stack of National Geographics, far too many dreamcatchers.

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