Ricardo Tosell


A man with a torrid past.


Born in Monaco and raised in Andorra by his parents, a Portuguese man and an Italian mother. At age ten he showed remarkable promise and was drafted by the local church into Malleus. He then moved to Madrid and trained to be a leader of their forces. By age 22 he became disillusioned with the religious order and eventually abdicated his position to go on a pilgrimage.

He spent the next several years in a journey all across Europe, and even into Moscow. He returned even more disillusionmed and humbled by life.

Greater Thelema drafted him and he spent the next few years in Zaragoza in one of their Temple communities. Set to try and bridge the relations gap between Malleus and Thelema, a terrible betrayal saw his fellow members murdered, the temple burned, and he fled to Lisbon.

At 34 he relocated to Montreal, Canada. There he headed up a new division of Thelema in the northern wastes and helped with relations for GTS. By 40 he had taken control of activity for the Thelema groups of the entire northeast of America.

He is one of the most likable faces Thelema has ever had.


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