Preston Adelson


Preston Bennett Winthrop Adelson was born to Thomas Thornton Adelson and Simone Bennett Winthrop, the last Scion child of two great families. Blessed with Heirogamy at his first birthday, he was raised and groomed to be the next great Warden of Thelema Society. Only, things didn't turn out that way. With his increasingly odd behavior, they're still counting on him being the big powerhouse in GTS politics so they give the kid a long leash. But He's just not turning out the way they hoped.

Preston is a creepy kid. His spirit is an insect that had manipulated and fooled it's handlers, and as an unseen side effect Preston is just odd. He has no interest in politics or what's expected of him. Instead he has an interest in insects, human anatomy, dead bodies, torture, and the dark occult.

Due to the mysterious and recent death of both his parents, his mother when he was three and his father when he was nine, Preston is currently under the care of his guardian [to be named soon].

The other families of GTS shun him in whispers when he is not around. But due to his family heritage he is treated with gloves as nobility. With his father's deaths last year, his estate's wealth will mean he never has to go for want. While he won't have access past his trust limitations for another 8 years, he's got enough power to do what he needs to. His Guardian was very loyal to his father, and Preston is well protected from the scheming politics of GTS society.

The psychically inclined have seen him wandering the Mansion hallways with what looks like a female twin. It is believed he uses Servitor and Summons together to give his spirit physical access to the world. As well, the boy is never seen without bugs on his person.  

Preston is a natural adept of spirit abilities, but has been using them in unorthodox ways. His spirit companion, Audrey, takes the form of his identical but female twin. This is a transforming disguise, as underneath she is an insect and very alien to most people's thinking. As well, Preston has slowly become alien to most people's eyes.

Preston is driving by learning about the occult, insects, and death He's also interested in finding objects relating to the occult, insects, and death.

Preston has money he can't access, nobility respect by family name that is offset by his infamy, great spirit power he has little use for, and seems only interested in activities that disturb even other GTS members. Anyone who knows about famous occult power families has heard rumors about him - only not the good kind.


Minor: Preston is legally a minor, subject to all limitations that implies.

Trust: While Preston owns a Mansion, Estate, and half a billion dollars by name and title, he cannot lay a finger on any of it until he turns 18. Further, his Guardian has all say on how much of his Trustfund he can use, if at all.

Unique Heirogamy: Preston and Audrey are fused in a unique way. Any attempt to exercise or destroy Audrey will kill Preston, and any attempt to kill Preston will destroy Audrey. Further, if they are separated by a form of suppression, Preston loses one point of Body every 24 hours as he withers sickly and dies. This also will affect his biology when puberty hits.

Sickness: Preston is abnormally prone to colds, flus, and other health problems.

Ominous Aura: Preston's very presence makes most people feel uneasy. Not evil or malevolent, just *wrong*. Unless the person is tuned into that kind of vibe which is rare, in which the Aura will become exciting and attractive.

Greater Thelema Society
Entomology 2 Human Anatomy 2 Eye of Isis 1 Summon 1
Suit and tie, backpack, Athame, leather case with bug jars, toolkit, 3DS with games Garden Insects of North America: The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Bugs (Princeton Field Guides)

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