Marianna LeFleur


Nobody knows how old Marianna LeFleur actually is, but all know it's not 9 or 10 years old, as her body would seem to indicate. 

She is the leader of the New York Coven for the Sisterhood of Salem, and was too one of its Founders, back from the time when it was composed mostly of Jackson Whites and other rejects at the turn of the century. 

She is brimming with power, and legend has it she is immortal, quickly regenerating any and all physical damage done to her body.

She speaks with a turn-of-the-century french accent that is just not heard these days anymore, not even in France.

She is beloved and respected by most as a wise and decisive leader, and feared by the rest -a tiny minority who can't help but to be freaked out by the two black holes that she has in her face in place of eyes.

The Sisterhood of Salem
Sasayaki: 6 Empathy: 6 Blade of Blood: 6 Blood Tax: 6 Holy Restoration: ??
Example Switchblade: +2STR Example Leather Jacket: +1END

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