Lynn Calroni


Lynn and Dill were born twins, named after their
father Dillon. The man was a monster, a drunken, bigoted, abusive bad
guy. Lynn lived in fear every day of him. The only salvation was her
twin brother Dill who protected her from the world. At nine years old
Dill had left the house to play with a friend, amd their father went
into an enraged frenzy when Lynn did not know where Dill had gone. The
father beat her to death.

Lynn's soul was so intertwined with Dill's that on her death, her
spirit hid inside Dill's body. The reason that Dill was unstoppable, so
overachieving, is that Dill and Lynn were sharing one body. Lynn shared
his body until the moment he died, and due to how strong their souls
were tied, she went with him to the Shadowside. Lynn's soul will forever
be tied to Dill's.


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