Dillon Albert Calroni


The lingering ghost of a terrible man.
Dillon was a mean son of a bitch. No one much liked him. He was
the classic story of a redneck, locked away with piles and piles of
guns, spouting fear about teh government, insulting every nationality
and way of life unlike his own. He'd once beaten a man for being gay,
and rumor had it he'd killed a black man in a hit and run. He had only
one soft spot. A woman.

For the time he was married, he was like a dog with a muzzle on. He
was still a son of a bitch, but he was quiet and let his woman
handle things. Then the twins came. Dillon was angry because he wanted a
son named Dillon, to create a long line of sons named Dillon. They had
twins, a boy and a girl, Dill and Lynn: named by their mother.

It was tedious but he tried to be a better man. When the kids turned
3, their mom took ill. By their fifth birthday, she died. The death of
his wife drove Dillon over the edge. He went on drinking rampages, he
beat his children, he caused fights in his community. He was arrested
multiple times.

When the twins were eight years old, Dillon had a really bad bender
and beat Dill so bad he remained in the hospital. Eventually he
recovered. The drunk father went quiet and stayed away from people for a
while, but things went back to the way they were. A year later Dillon
beat Lynn to death. It was at that point that Dill ran away from home. Eventually he was returned by the local Sheriff and the next several
years was a standoff between an ever more rebellious Dill and his father
Dillon. Eventually at fourteen Dill was able to run away and live with a

When Dill had turned sixteen, that Dillon died. The coroner reports
that one day he got extremely drunk, ran his truck through and African
American church, stumbled home, and shot himself in the head.

Name of Example Skill 1: 3 Name of Another Example Skill 2: 3
Example Switchblade: +2STR Example Leather Jacket: +1END

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