Captain Leonhard


That's Captain Heinrich Leonhard of the 31st Platoon to you, soldier.

Served in the German Bundeswehr from 17 until 21. Joined the KSK special forces for five years until 2001 when 9/11 hit. Transfered to British forces as part of the coalition in the middle east. A veteran of the Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan Wars. Left military service in 2006 after being accepted for Open Ultralogistics security forces.

Has been at The Hive for six years

Though Heinrich is a 38 year old scarred and worn man, time in The Hive has allowed him to reshape his image. He is now a woman with long hair in her mid twenties. Heinrich has made no attempt to change identity, and dismisses every question about his body. Whatever Heinrich does in his private time is not the concern of the company. Security workers and those in the business sector alike know better than to ask.

Heinrich controls the southern quadrant, currently ranked #3 of the 5 Captains who run Security for The Hive.


Name of Example Skill 1: 3 Name of Another Example Skill 2: 3
Example Switchblade: +2STR Example Leather Jacket: +1END

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