Anatoly Pagonis Papadoupolos


A prominent "Monarch" in the GTS circles, rare for wielding magick power without being in Hierogamy as far as anybody knows, "Papa" has established himself a reputation as a man who finds things and people, no matter how well hidden or obscure. His talent, connections, cunning and experience have resulted in a vast personal fortune, and a lavish lifestyle.

Anatoly believes himself an hedonist, and considers life as simply an opportunity to seek pleasure in any form, while the flesh lasts. 

He has a virtual "harem" of brainwashed young women which he purchases from any place in the world where life is cheap and the girl won't be missed, particularly Eastern Europe. They service him in various ways, notably as life and soul sources in his various rituals. 

He has a low-key grudge against UncleThing of scavenger for having disrupted his plans more than once.

Greater Thelema Society
Servitor: 6 Working of Damascus: 6 Eye of Isis: 6 Empathy: 3
The Eye of Khazid: +3MND on Paranormal.

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