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The drums are pounding

I can hear them. Can you? The rhythmic beating? The pounding of an endless abyss below? Can't hear them yet? Don't worry, you will.

Our main progenitor has focused on a new version of Shadowside. Due to that, I have descended to post news updates and blog on a regular basis.

Let's build a Wiki!

We're as ready as we'll ever be! 

I'm sure we'll find bugs and issues as we go along (for example it bothers me to no end that I cannot have the apostrophe in Fujin's Blood without a crude workaround) but I don't want to get "perfect" get in the way of "good". Let's do good, ladies and gents, for life is short. 

The Wiki is open, and waiting for your contributions. You can read all about it here!

Minor notes for those of us who are Playing By Post

You can now Play By Post at

Long time no news, but here we are again:

You can now play-by-post right here, at

The setup is not very complicated:

Step 1: Register your account. It's obviously free:



Troll In The Corner Podcast and 1st Bundle

Since literally day 1, Troll In The Corner has been supportive of us, and his karma account (not the reddit kind, but the real, mystical, you-get-what-you-give kind) must be piled sky-high.

I was honored to be a guest in his new podcast show, Indie Talks. If you have some time to kill, I invite you to listen to me ramble for a while.

It's Aliiiive! Accelletrix - A Machine Against The Dark

Since starting this little experiment I've learned a lot, and I've done some things right and some things wrong, but if I may say so: getting other writers involved was the single best thing I could have done. They bring so much soul to the table. 

Major Core Book Update

Well, with this update, the core book goes from 75 to 88 pages:

Press Release 05-07-12

Power Through Decadence: The Greater Thelema Society Supplement

(Download as PDF)

A Proud Moment: The first supplement book is here!

Working with Bryan Gerding, the author of "Greater Thelema Society: Power Through Decadence" was really a pleasure, and for me, validation that opening up the canon to people who truly care was, by far, the right move for the project overall. 


Support the Wayne Foundation

I'd like to call your attention to the Wayne Foundation: they fight sexual slavery for children. It's hard to even think of a more worthy cause.

Ben Gerber, from trollitc, has organized a drive which basically puts together a whole bunch of RPG products worth over $235 into one big zip file, which he then sells for $25, which go right to the Wayne Foundation.


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